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Donnelly School of the Arts

Albarn 3rd

Donnelly School - Newsies RPG
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Welcome to DSA, the Donnelly School of the Arts.

This is a journal based RPG, using the characters from the movie Newsies in an AU situation. The background is DSA, a boarding school with a focus on the arts. The format is not writing based, but journal based; thus, journal entries must be kept up once a week, and should be fairly expositional about events that have happened, which will require a certain amount of communicaton between players. There is also a mailing list for plot discussion, so people can keep up with each other.

The community that unites all of the various characters is for the hall where they all live, maintained by their RA, Tag, an OC. The boys all live on the same hall, the third floor of an all boys building named Albarn. (Room assignments will be given at random as people join the RPG.) The hall, aside from the bedrooms where the students stay, has a lounge, bathroom and communal kitchen for student use.

There's an application for new characters, who have to be approved by the moderators.
Characters must create a new LJ for the character's use, with all posts done in character. The journal must be updated at least once a week. (Posts can be done in the community as well as the personal journal.)
The character journal should friend all other character journals.
The character journal should include the character's profile in its userinfo.

There are two kinds of events; public campus events, and secret events. The public campus events will be announced by Tag (tag_me) in the community itself, ahead of time; these are events such as dances, vacations, sporting events, etc. Secret events are those that will effect users but no one knows about in advance. Players have to respond to both of these.
The plot takes place in (approximately) real time; a day in real life is a day in the RPG, the dates in RL and the the RPG match up.
There is a mailing list players can use to discuss plots where they interact. All players involved in a plot must agree to it.

Characters, taken

Jack: dont_know_jack played by jedinewsie
David: jazz_lad played by cycnus
Race: race_ace played by second_batgirl
Kid Blink: yankees_pirate played by queenitsy
Spot: spot_the_birdie played by poisonivory
Dutchy: dutchy_draws played by baelarion
Specs: specsific played by harmonyangel
Snitch: andone___snitch played by misato_kou
Skittery: skitts_scribble played by sita_face
Mush: justmush played by irontears

Characters, available:
Pie Eater

If you'd like to apply to be one of the available characters, you should write up a character profile and a sample journal entry (approximately 500 words) and send it to kidblink@queenitsy.com.
Please note, this is not a first come, first served process and not all characters will be accepted; applications will be voted on by the three admins. (Wait until you've been accepted to create a journal for your character.) Also note that despite the extreme slashiness of the game, not all characters should be gay; we're hoping to maintain a roughly 50-50 ratio.
Character profiles should fit in roughly with mentions of the character that have already taken place in the RPG.

The profile:
Full name
Family/background (including how well the character gets along with his family, and the cultural/ethnic background, if it impacts the character in any way)
Favorite/least favorite class
Appearance/style (obviously, based on the character's appearance in the movie, with the addition of a modern style of dress, etc)
Personality (as detailed as possible, please)

More added as neccessary. The RPG is maintained by queenitsy, second_batgirl and baelarion.