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The hall meeting results! - Donnelly School of the Arts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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The hall meeting results! [Sep. 2nd, 2004|01:07 am]
Donnelly School - Newsies RPG


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[music |Beatles - Abby Road]

Hey everyone!

Tonight's meeting was great, I'm really glad to see everyone got to school safely... But a reminder, mandatory meetings are mandatory, and I don't want to have to take attendance at them or anything, but I really do need you to show up.

Anyway, here's the basic hall guidelines we came up with. I'll be putting these up on a big poster in the hall, too, just so no one forgets. ;)

All dishes must be cleaned and put away IMMEDIATELY. Nothing should sit in the sink or the drainer.
Please wipe down all counters after you use them, and put away all of your cooking stuff--properly. We don't want mice on the hall. Or roaches. Or any other nasty bugs or whatever.
Only use what you buy. It's not okay to sample from other people's fridge space, unless you've gotten permission first. (I'll be putting a bowl out on one of the counters, where dry, non-spoiling communal foods can be put; please make use of it!)
Generally be neat about everything you do in the kitchen. It'll make everyone's stay here nicer.

Clean up after yourself. No toothpaste left in the sink, no hair left in drains, and... um... aim well when you go, please.
You're allowed to leave a basket of toiletries beneath the benches in the bathroom; not on it, please.
Please do wear a robe to and from the showers. Please.

Clean up after yourself. Crumbs will bring ants, so keep in mind there's a cleaning closet right behind the last couch, complete with a vacuum.
Please put the couches back where they go when you're done rearranging them.
Warn me, at least, if you have a visitor who'll be sleeping on a couch in the lounge.
Please don't steal the chairs or tables. They're there for everyone's use.

Absolutely no leaving shoes in the hallway, or anything else. Besides being a fire hazard, it's just gross.
Speaking of gross, if your shoes are muddy or wet, please take them off before you step out into the hall, so we don't get a muddy, wet carpet.
Just generally be considerate that the hall is shared space.
Brooms are to be used for sweeping purposes only. I don't get this one, but Mush was quite insistent.

Everything Else:
Your RA (that's me) is here to help out when you need it, but if you're having a problem with your roommate or someone else on the hall, please try to settle it yourselves, first. I'll help moderate a discussion if you need it, but you should always explain your problem politely and suggest a solution yourself before coming to me.
That said, my door's always open! Come on in if you need help or just want to chat.
QUIET HOURS ARE 9 PM TO 8 AM on week days, and 11 PM to 11 AM on weekends.
CURFEW IS 9 PM on weekdays and 10 PM on weekends.

I'm required to check all of your rooms to make sure you're there at nine, but you can move around the hall after that. However, you can't LEAVE the hall. And if you're going to spend the night elsewhere (or brining someone to spend the night on the hall) there's a form I need you to fill out--I'll put copies of it in a folder on my door.
Not being present when I do my headcheck will result in severe consequences.

All that said, this is really just to remind you of what you already know--be considerate to the people on your hall, and they will be of you. After all, we're stuck with each other for quite awhile still!

Feel free to leave any questions here or to drop by and ask. I'm right in the middle of the hall, very easy to find.

[User Picture]From: justmush
2004-09-02 07:12 am (UTC)
You'd be insistent of it too, had you been constantly assaulted with one for the last half of last year!!!!!!!

I bet I still have scars! You know, if I could see under all my hair. HAHAHAHAHA. I have too much hair!!!
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[User Picture]From: falco_conlon
2004-09-05 02:38 pm (UTC)


Quick question. I don't really understand, is this an all boys school? Because I have an aplication for a girl but it would be stupid to send that in if there ARE no girls ^_^.

Also I would love to be swifty. Before keza grabs it...and if she already has, bumlets?
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